Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Toyota Tundra Modified

Toyota tundra is a true monster truck. Its a pickup truck with huge power. Its model started from 2000. It has a V8 engine sized at 4.7 liters. It has two generations one from 2000 to 2006 and second generation from 2007 to present. It has three types of engines varying with the price.
One is 4.0 L with 236 hp and V6 engine is installed in it.
Second one is 4.7 L with 276 hp and V8 engine is present in this truck.
Third is 5.7 L with 381 hp and V8 engine.
Here are some pictures of modified toyota tundra in diffrent colors and styles. Some rides are dropped and some are lifted up.
black Toyota tundra lifted

black Toyota tundra dropped and low profile alloy rims

Toyota tundra clean

toyota tundra black matt with orange flame vinyl

silver Toyota tundra lifted with blue flame vinyl

white tundra with alloy rims

white tundra with extended bumpers and front net grill.

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