Monday, 23 July 2012

Toyota Supra Modified

Toyota supra is a modified car with a powerful engine and turbo boost. Its a sports car used in racing all over the world. This car is modified usually to look better and increase its beauty.
Toyota supra iridescent modified

Toyota supra white extended bumpers

Toyota supra modified with changed hood

orange Toyota supra modified

Toyota Supra Burnout

Toyota Supra modified with burn out of tires because of its powerful engine.
blue Toyota supra modified burn out

silver supra with vinyl burnout

3 supra at gas station burnout

orange supra burn out rear view

Toyota Hilux Vigo Modified

Here are some pictures of Toyota Hilux Vigo in black color. 
hilux modified with led lights

modified vigo alloy rims

black vigo powerful

vigo modified with extednded bumpers

Toyota Tundra Slammed

Toyota tundra slammed
Here is picture of Toyota Tundra modified with extended bumpers and dropped down.
red Toyota Tundra Slammed

Green Toyota Slammed

Slammed Tundra to the ground and low profile alloy rims

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Toyota Corolla 2011 Modified

Toyota corolla modified in silver color with extended bumpers and led lights. This corolla is modified in a unique way and is very beautiful. Headlights are led with a single line of led's and rings. Rear lights are half smoke. Here are front and rear views.
silver corolla extended bumpers front view

modified corolla with half smoke rear head lights